Celebrating 9 years for the whole month of December! Starting the day we opened 9 years ago, December 1st.

Take advantage of the following specials! Thank you for supporting our small business and trusting us with your hair!

                       $9 product tables 

                   9% off eyebrow waxes

9% off power doses & profiber in salon treatment

   Buy 9 blowouts for 15% off (blowout gift card)

  Purchase $90 or more in products, get 20%off     

Refer 9 friends (new to salon) in January, get a FREE haircut & shampoo of your choice in February or later

Rebook 9 hair appointments, get 9th appointment FREE

              *Special refreshments daily

                  *Free scalp massages

                        *goodie bags 



Wear your hair with confidence - everyday



Crem'e De Cocoa Keratin Fall and winter special!

                                                  Buy 2 or more and get 20% off 


  Want more luxurious hair? Get Hair Dreams.  

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